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The TJUH Pediatrics / PM&R residency takes pride in offering rotations that are clinically and educationally rewarding. Below is a sample of the rotation schedule. With the exception of intern year, residents alternate between Pediatric and PM&R rotations throughout each year. Pediatric rotations are highlighted in blue, adult PM&R rotations in green, and pediatric rehabilitation rotations in yellow.


The majority of pediatric rotations occur at Nemours A.I. duPont Hospital for Children in Wilmington, Delaware. Inpatient adult PM&R rotations occur at Magee Rehabilitation Hospital in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Residents will also gain varied experience in consultation, sports and spine, EMG, ultrasound, and general outpatient rehabilitation. Other practice sites include the Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, the Rothman Orthopaedic Institute, and MossRehab. 

By the end of residency, our graduates have acquired over eight months of dedicated pediatric rehabilitation experience, including continuity clinic time. Additional pediatric rehabilitation experiences are ongoing throughout the entirety of training.

Rotation Schedule & Call: Syllabus
block schedule.png

* PGY-1 year will follow the x+y schedule of the other pediatric interns - you will still have the rotations listed above but split into 26 blocks. This is new to the 2022-2023 academic year.


Residents participate in continuity clinic weekly throughout residency. Clinic experiences evolve to incorporate more sub-specialty experiences as residents progress in their pediatric physiatry knowledge. 

PGY-1: Outpatient for 2 weeks at a time during Y blocks 

PGY-2+3: Residents alternate weekly between General Pediatrics and Special Babies clinic treating medically complex children.

PGY-4+5: General Pediatrics clinic is replaced with Cerebral Palsy clinic. Residents continue running Special Babies clinic every other week. 

Rotation Schedule & Call: Syllabus


Residents are allotted twenty (20) days of vacation per year, holidays notwithstanding. Additionally, five (5) educational days per year are provided for personalized learning.

Rotation Schedule & Call: Syllabus


Call location is based on the current rotation. For example, pediatrics call occur on pediatrics rotations, and PM&R call while on rehab rotations.


Call frequency varies based on rotation. There are call-free rotations.

Interns can expect to be call free during Y blocks.
Interns can expect to have 2 blocks of night call intern year. This consists of night shifts Sun-Fri for 2 weeks. 



Call consists of 24h shifts at Magee rehab hospital

PGY-2: 3-4 calls per month (typically 3 weekend day calls)

PGY-3: 2 calls per month (typically 1 weekend day call) with weekend back-up call

PGY-4: 1 weekday call per month with weekday back-up call

*One resident is on call at Magee Rehabilitation Hospital nightly. A senior resident available for emergency back-up in case of an emergency.  

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